As a Career Woman, You need every Advantage

You’re smart. Hard-working. A valuable asset to your organization. A high performer. Exceptional in your current role. 

But being exceptional is not enough to set you apart from your competition anymore.

Perhaps talent, intelligence and sheer hard work have allowed you to climb up the career ladder without having to think too much about strategy or personal branding.

But continuing to the very top requires more. It requires a powerful personal brand and a career strategist who can help you articulate that brand and communicate it to the world.

You need a career strategist who can help you shine more brilliantly.

I am that career strategist.

My name is Janet Wise and I’m here to help you. Whether you are a mid-level manager or a senior-level executive, I can teach you how to perfect your personal leadership brand and strategically take control of your career, so that you can accelerate to the top in your chosen career or business and fall in love with your work.

What can I do for you?

If you could do anything in your career, would it be what you’re doing right now? If not, what’s holding you back?

It might be your personal brand. It may be you aren’t clear on your signature strengths. Or it may be you don’t know how to effectively align your brilliance, values and experience in a strategic and intentional way

Do you struggle to take your career to the next level? To get past the obstacles that are blocking your forward progress? To find your footing in a new industry or that next great new role? To re-engage with your work and to be recognized for your value?

There are success factors and career strategies most mid-level managers and emerging leaders are missing.

Just by looking at your resume or digital profile, I can see if you are clearly articulating your value to the organization.

And I can also tell you how to build an unbeatable personal brand and how to put you back in control of your career trajectory.

How do I know?

I’m a corporate Human Resources executive with 17 years of experience. I’ve been at the talent table many times, in many businesses, across many industries, advising senior leadership on who to select for key assignments and how to develop those emerging leaders. I know what they are looking for in the boardroom and how to position, align and develop top talent.

And now I am bringing my inside-the- boardroom secrets to a select few who I work with

directly. You could be one of the select few who gain insight into the missing factors you

need to consider in order to succeed.

Yes, I want to know how to position myself for more success!