Janet Wise

Why Choose Me to Help You with Your Personal Branding Journey Or Your Career strategies?

I have over 17 years experience in Human Resources as a Human Capital Development Specialist and Talent Strategist.
I’ve spent my career identifying and preparing career-focused and talented women for corporate leadership positions, increased employee engagement, and empowered organizations to effectively leverage their people assets as a competitive advantage.

Awards & certifications

Recognized for award-winning leadership programs

Master’s degree in Human Capital Development

Advanced post-graduate degree in Executive Coaching

Certificate in Media Psychology/Brand Audience  Engagement (expected May 2018)

Licensed Best Year Yet® Partner, Coach and Facilitator

Gallup-certified Strengths Finder ™ coach and practitioner

Janet Wise

But why should you really choose me to help you with your personal brand? It’s simple:

I’m passionate about teaching bright, talented women how to identify, articulate and demonstrate their own unique brand of brilliance in order to succeed! Because of my background in HR development (and prior to that, as a paralegal), I’ve learned how to think in precedents and patterns. Success leaves patterns. And I can help my clients identify their “red thread ” brilliance that will position and propel them to success.

What I Believe

I firmly believe that you are the most important product you will ever market. I believe strongly that in today’s job market, you need more than just a reputation for exceptional performance to land the next plum assignment or job. You need to have a compelling personal brand and a strategy.I believe that, as women, we need to have choices and to be in control of our careers. But first, we need to know our “brilliance.”

I believe in you. If you believe, as I do, that it takes more than hard work to get ahead, it takes a compelling brand and actionable strategies, then contact me for a consultation so that we can discuss how a powerful leadership and career brand can take you where you want to go.